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Care Of New Born Kittens In The First Couple Of Weeks

9 Sep

A cat is regarded as a kitten from birth to age 2 years. Even though this total period is very vital for the cat’s long term health, the initial 8 to 12 weeks of the kitten’s life are really crucial to their future health. This is when the major developmental stages of newborn kittens takes place.

Over these initial 8 to 12 weeks, the kitten learns tasks for instance how to eat solid diet and how to move around. If you have got a kitten who has no mother, you may require to train the kitten these stuffs yourself, particularly weaning a kitten.

Newborn kittens are a few of the most adorable pets on Earth-and also some of the most helpless. Just like humans, kittens require good care during the first stage of their life. Even though there exist species that are born up and running, cats are not one of those.

When the kitten is first born, you have to leave her care largely up to her mother, if the mother is available. The mother naturally knows how to look after her kittens, and her milk is the ideal food for a newborn kitten. If the mother is not around, then you may supply kitten formula-never milk.

Up until their 2nd week, they will be literally helpless. In the next week, their eyes start to open-they can still be blind for a while, but in time they will be able to see.

During the third to fourth weeks, the kitten’s ears will start to open. They will gradually develop their sense of hearing, they also may start to attempt to walk at this stage, but they will be extremely unsteady on their feet. Also, their teeth will start to erupt as well.

The following few weeks are the most entertaining, because that is when kitty starts to play! Be sure to engage kitty in a number of play and allow her meet many different people thus she will get friendly.